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Why You Should Be Oil Pulling

By now, chances are that you’ve heard about oil pulling. Twig + Petal is here to explain why this growing practice should become a part of your daily routine—and why it’s not just another “trend du jour.” Oil pulling is a topic that has been gaining tons of attention over the past few years, but in fact, it’s nothing new. Originating in India, Ayurvedic medicine has touted oil pulling as a cure-all for a wide-reaching range of ailments and afflictions dating back nearly 5,000 years. And while we’re not suggesting you should ditch your toothbrush anytime soon, there are actually many (proven!) benefits to oil pulling which reach far beyond your pearly whites. What exactly is oil pulling? Oil pulling is really just what the name suggests: using natural substances—mainly sesame, coconut, or sunflower oil—in the mouth to clean and detoxify your teeth and gums. In a nutshell, nasty toxins and bacteria in the mouth are pulled into the oil during the swishing process, which you eliminate when you spit out the oil. Without question, oil pulling helps freshen breath, whiten teeth, and cleanse the mouth way better than brushing alone. And many claim that this is just the beginning… some evidence suggests that oil pulling can also help: Detoxify the body Boost liver function Improve digestion Balance hormones Clarify and brighten skin Aid in weight loss Treat headaches and migraines

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get outside – may 3rd is garden meditation day!

These days it seems like there’s a “national day” for everything. Seriously. In case you were looking for an excuse to celebrate, there’s National Marshmallow Day (August 30th), National Don’t Wear Socks Day (May 8th), and National Waffle Iron Day (June 29th). And we’re just naming a few absurdities here.

But on May 3rd, Twig + Petal is celebrating a day we can really get behind—National Garden Meditation Day. We think it’s a beautiful excuse to carve out a few extra minutes of “me” time, get outside (and outside ourselves), and reconnect with Mother Nature – because after all, we think she’s one badass babe.

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find your zen – may 21st is international yoga day!

As if you needed another reason to get your “namaste” on, Twig + Petal is here with a friendly reminder that Sunday, May 21st is International Yoga Day!

t should come as no surprise that here at Twig + Petal, we’re all about natural wellness and healing, and we firmly believe that process starts from within. Yoga is our favorite way to relax, unwind, and tap into our inner awesomeness – while working up a healthy sweat in the process.

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it’s almost mothers’ day – doesn’t she deserve some love?

Mothers’ Day is coming up on Monday, May 14th, which means there’s no better excuse to spoil the wonderful women in your life!

Mothers come in many forms—from our badass biological ones (turns out they really were right about everything!), to all the women in our lives whom we look up to and admire. Mothers’ Day is the perfect chance to show some big time love to these ladies who make all the difference. And what better way to show them you care than with the gift of natural health and healing?



    Twig + Petal is committed to essentials that go beyond organic. Our products are 100% pure and naturally concentrated to deliver the most powerful wellness and healing benefits—just as Mother Nature intended. All of our goods are handcrafted and produced in small batches, ensuring the highest quality and attention to every detail. Twig + Petal is nature’s pharmacy, delivering essential oils with integrity and heart.


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