what is benefits of oil pulling

Why You Should Be Oil Pulling

By now, chances are that you’ve heard about oil pulling. Twig + Petal is here to explain
why this growing practice should become a part of your daily routine—and why it’s not
just another “trend du jour.”

Oil pulling is a topic that has been gaining tons of attention over the past few years, but
in fact, it’s nothing new. Originating in India, Ayurvedic medicine has touted oil pulling as
a cure-all for a wide-reaching range of ailments and afflictions dating back nearly 5,000
years. And while we’re not suggesting you should ditch your toothbrush anytime soon,
there are actually many (proven!) benefits to oil pulling which reach far beyond your
pearly whites.

What exactly is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is really just what the name suggests: using natural substances—mainly sesame,
coconut, or sunflower oil—in the mouth to clean and detoxify your teeth and gums. In a
nutshell, nasty toxins and bacteria in the mouth are pulled into the oil during the swishing
process, which you eliminate when you spit out the oil. Without question, oil pulling helps
freshen breath, whiten teeth, and cleanse the mouth way better than brushing alone. And
many claim that this is just the beginning… some evidence suggests that oil pulling can also

Detoxify the body

Boost liver function

Improve digestion

Balance hormones

Clarify and brighten skin

Aid in weight loss

Treat headaches and migraines

Ok, so how does Oil Pulling Work?

The basic practice of oil pulling is pretty straightforward, but it can take a minute to
master. To start, swish one tablespoon of coconut, sesame or sunflower oil in your mouth
for about 10 minutes every morning. Be aware that oil pulling can trigger the gag reflex
at first, so if you can’t make it to ten minutes, start slow and work your way up. And make
sure you spit the used oil in the trash rather than the sink or toilet because the oil can
solidify and clog your pipes. After spitting, rinse your mouth with warm water and follow
up with your usual oral hygiene routine.

Why we’re big believers of Oil Pulling:

It’s no secret that the mouth is a gateway to overall health (which is why good oral
hygiene is so important when you’re pregnant!). By giving your mouth a regular “deep
cleansing,” you’re allowing your body to spend its time and energy focusing on healing
other areas of the body. Makes sense, right?
Twig + Petal Oil Pulling Rinses use only organic, cold-pressed oils of olive, sesame, and
neem seed blended alongside 100% pure organic essential oils that taste and smell
delicious. We recommend oil pulling first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for
maximum benefits.

Try the Organic Cinnamon Oil Pulling Rinse or Organic Peppermint Oil Pulling Rinse

Wishing you health and wellness (naturally)!

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